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Prioritze Your Peace

During this unprecedented and uncertain time it is important to prioritize and protect your peace! While it is nice to help others, it's important to remember to take care of yourself first. Prioritizing your own peace is a form of self-care, self-love, and it should be non-negotiable.

Here are a few ways you can protect your peace:

  • Prayer and Meditation

  • Writing & Journaling your thoughts

  • Therapy or Counseling Sessions

  • Walking /Biking /Running

  • Acupuncture / Massages

  • Eating Whole Foods / Drinking Water

  • Long Bubble Baths

  • Glass of Wine

  • Hugging and Cuddling

  • Creating boundaries with family and friends

  • Surround yourself with people that uplift and support you

  • Write down (5) things that you love about yourself

  • Speak positively, do not engage in negative self-talk

  • Create a fun music playlist

  • Say "NO" to things that don't feel right

  • Work on a puzzle, adult coloring book, or any creative project

  • Take a social media break or turn off the notifications for a few hours

  • Watch your favorite stand up comedian and laugh your butt off

Use one or all of the suggestions on the list...move forward, prioritize and protect your PEACE its imparative! #mjconsistencychallenge


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