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My Garden is my Happy Place!

Growing up I saw my Grandmothers with small vegetable gardens and beautiful plants. I started gardening 2 years ago, it has always been a dream of mine but I never had space. I had very little direction when I got started, but I still moved forward about my new hobby. I talked to other gardeners, searched on Google, and read multiple Pinterest articles as well for information. Within the last 2 years, I planted tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and jalapenos. This year I added strawberries, basil, and parsley to the mix...its been fun watching them grow. Every year I make slight changes to what I am growing in my garden but my plants remain unchanged.

This initially started as a hobby but has become a refuge for me, especially during these unprecedented times. As I prune my vines and collect my harvest, I tune everything out and just thank God for the opportunity to be able to provide fresh food for my family and friends. The time spent in my garden is so peaceful, reduces my anxiety, and puts a smile on my face. Seems like there has been a spike of gardening lately, especially among younger people. My garden has a very calming effect on all of my senses along with my mind and body. I want my garden to create a beautiful landscape of colorful space to allow my family and friends to find peace, community, and healing as needed.

The hard work and waiting are part of what makes it fun in my opinion! It's been a labor of love, but the biggest bonus is a nourishing source of food that is produced for our consumption. My garden is a happy place!


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