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Don't throw away your PLANNER

Just because 2020 is going in a different direction than we planned...don't throw away your PLANNER! The tips listed below can guide you on how to re-purpose your planner to keep track of your ideas:

a) New Business ideas: You can document your new business ideas including new product or service offerings. If you are existing a business owner, you can create a list of potential clients or new marketing ideas.

b) Home Projects: Whether you are building an outdoor space, remodeling your bathroom or designing a new nursery. Keep track of your decorating ideas, paint colors, materials, and budget for your project.

c) Kids e-learning schedule: Take note of your kids e-learning classes, homework, and extracurricular sporting activities. Make sure you keep track of schedules, instructors/coaches, snacks, and expenses.

d) Healthy Habits: This is a good way to keep track of exercise routines, food diaries, vitamins, and water intake. You can track your daily workouts, create meal plans, and record non-scale victories that you experience during your journey!

e) Mental Health journal: This is a good place to write down prayers, affirmations, and inspiring quotes. You can capture new affirmations, inspiring quotes, your favorite scriptures, and special prayers.

f) Hobby tracker: Whether you are making cards, designing planner stickers, sewing, and gardening. Use this space to keep track of the supplies you used to make greeting cards for special occasions. The new patterns and materials you used/plan to use for a sewing project. Then document what you planted in your garden and how much you were able to harvest. This will help you evaluate your efforts and make changes for following year.

As crazy as this year has been so far, we should probably document it in our planners. One day we will look back on 2020 and say...I SURVIVED and I did not throw away my PLANNER!


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