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It's never too late to get clear on your goals, motivation, and ideas of success!

Discuss your goals and timeline with someone you trust. This could help you alleviate some steps, think about your resources, and really get clarity.

On Sundays, I plan the out the upcoming week. I typically set a timer for 30 mins and get clear on my goals. I look back at my monthly goals and break them down into steps that I would like to take during the week and schedule it accordingly.

Check your task list and ask yourself if you can complete them alone. If so, cool! If not, start to think about the people you know who could assist you with your goals. But remember, if someone assists you in the process, please offer to help them in some form or fashion.

Remember to review your goals as often as possible in order stay on track!

"Clarity comes from engagement, not from thinking about it." - Marie Forleo


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