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Keep it TOGETHER...

The last few months have been very difficult to focus, let alone create. Trying to understand all that is going on in this world has left me mentally exhausted at times, with nothing left to give creatively. Who knew working remotely, e-learning, social distancing, and the scarcity of essential items would become the "new normal". It took time to process those thoughts that were running through my head and I vented as needed. I cried. I slept. I reflected. I prayed. I laugh when I can. Worshiping at home has allowed me to spend some much needed, uninterrupted time with God. This time gives me some peace and time to process or understand what the "heck" is going on. I also started working out in the morning walks/bike rides allow me to clear my mind, plan my day, and give me the push I need to continue to pursue those things that make me happy. I’m happy to say, I'm easing back into the groove of creating, planning, and setting goals participating in the July 2020 Consistency challenge by Mattie James. My heart still gets heavy at times but I know that God is a refuge for me especially during times of turmoil. I also turn to my hobbies (creative writing, card making, working out, gardening, and reselling clothes) to relieve my anxiety. Last but not least I make an effort to reach out to people who support me, listen to me, make me laugh, and care about my overall well-being! So take the time you need to find peace and define your "new normal!" Please know that it's ok to move forward, do what makes you happy, and focus on making progress not perfection. To all my creative people...your energy, light, and creative expressions are needed especially during this time of uncertainty. Do what you need to do to KEEP IT TOGETHER!


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