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DMX vs Snoop Dogg

This verzuz battle did not disappoint!

The last couple of days/weeks have been very heavy on my spirit...but God sent some joy last night. I had the pleasure of listening to DMX and Snoop Dogg on Instagram Live; it was just what I needed. I was so excited to see all the love shown between these two brothers...these Kings of Hip-Hop…real rap legends. The crowd was so hype; and the energy between DMX and Snoop Dogg was amazing!

I felt the brotherhood, the love, the respect, and the positive vibes! The level of talent between these 2 MEN is incredible. When DMX came on the scene with two chart topping albums back in the '90s, it was something that we had not seen before. Then Snoop Dogg's debut album called Doggystyle...was a monster! Snoop’s lyrics, Dr. Dre’s production, and the album's artwork made it a hip-hop masterpiece. Listening to their music changed my music palate! It was so good to see two talented men, rapping, having fun, and performing music that brought back so many fond memories.

I salute these two talented Kings, Icons, and Hip-Hop Legends because they changed the landscape of rap music. When you hear their lyrics layered over those rugged hip-hop is a whole vibe! This experience brought back so many takes you back to a time when you knew every single word of the songs and you knew what song was coming on when the beat started playing...last night I heard HIT after HIT after HIT! We needed this...I really needed this during a time of uncertainty, change, and sadness.

I was so grateful and appreciative that I had to write about it.

Thank you DMX, Snoop Dogg, Swizzbeats, and Timberland!


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