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Allow me to reintroduce myself!

Hello everyone! I thought this would be a good time to welcome all my new subscribers and thank all my regular followers for sticking with me. Most people know me as the Finance/Accounting friend, but I have other talents too! In addition to investing in the stock market, I also like to blog, get crafty, resell clothes/accessories, and work in my garden. I was trying to narrow it down to one thing, but I found that was stifling my creativity and it was virtually impossible. So, I have been writing since I was a little girl…as soon as my Grandmother traded in her typewriter for a word processor, I began my writing/typing journey. The first thing I remember typing was my Mother’s resume. Crazyyyyyy huh! It is so crazy because that is the one thing people always come to me about now is helping them with their resumes. I enjoy it too! Somehow the typing evolved into writing actual letters by hand. My Great-Grandma Geraldine became my 1st pen pal. She was living in Meridian, Mississippi and I was living in Chicago, Illinois; we wrote each other often. She was beautiful, smart, and funny! And she had the BEST handwriting ever. Those were the good ole days, running to the mailbox to see if I got a letter from GG Gerri!

That eventually evolved into me always carrying a notebook to write down my thoughts and yes… I wrote in my diary too! But it was not until 2016 when I was working with a career coach that she encouraged me to share my writings with the world and so I did. My first published article was about creative ways to look for a new job during your commute. My second article was about exercising when you lack motivation. This article was posted on Pinterest and shared over 8,000 times! After having success with those articles and the desire to write a book, my coach suggested I start a blog…and the rest is history.

The Passionate Resources blog’s mission is to motivate you to creatively think outside the box! We discuss many lifestyle topics including health & fitness, career development, and finance with a little sprinkle of inspiration! Thank you for reading my blog and sharing with others!


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