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My favorite day of the week is Saturday. Saturday is the day I chose to rest, restore, and reflect. While everyone else is shopping, eating, partying, and hustling around on Saturday, I am at home chilling. This is the day I sleep later, fill up on whole foods, and drink water. I also use this day to restore my energy, meditate, and pray. This day is so essential especially during this time when life seem so unpredictable and strange. Lastly, I use this time for deep reflection and use a journal to capture my thoughts. I reflect on the day, the week, the last month, or even go back in history to see how it relates to the current times to see if there are any correlations. Saturdays allow me to refresh myself mentally, spiritually, and physically in preparation of another week. We should all actively find a day where we can rest, restore, and reflect on the present times. #mjconsistencychallenge


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