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Monday BLUES...

So you think you have the Monday Blues huh?

You probably dread e-learning, back to back zoom calls, or going to work with all these new protocols then you will probably have a case of the Monday Blues.

At this point everyone's schedule and lives have been flipped up side down,

so use these tips to add some normalcy to your Monday.

  1. Beat the Monday BLUES by planning your Monday on Sunday night.

  2. Start by telling yourself how great Monday is going to be on Sunday night.

  3. Eat healthy, exercise on Sunday and you will more than likely continue the habit for the entire week.

  4. Begin Monday with (3) positive affirmations or a 5 minute prayer/meditation session.

  5. Prepare all the things that are in your control like wearing a new outfit, wearing your favorite pair of shoes, wear a new hairstyle/haircut, eat your favorite meal, or start a new exercise routine, etc

  6. Listen to some upbeat music like “Happy” by Pharrell Williams; “Beautiful” by Snoop Dogg; "All the Way Up" by Fat Joe & Remy Ma; "Golden" by Jill Scott; "Formation" by Beyoncé; "Bang" by Ken Rock; "Win Again" by Nicki Minaj

  7. Write down (3) things that you are grateful for to help shift your mind to focus on positive aspects only!

Use these (7) tips to turn your Monday Blues into Motivational Monday!

Try at least one item this week and see how it goes.


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