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Re-Igniting My BLOG!

Last month, I attended the MADE MAVEN meet-up event.  This was a great event that focused on Connections, Collaboration, and Community.  I was able to network with women of all shades, backgrounds, and talents.  It was a great opportunity to interact with new people, learn more, and get inspired. It was a great reminder to take the time to CONNECT with new people.

Use your talents and COLLABORATE with others.  Then come together as a COMMUNITY and make the world a better place.  It made me realize that connections are so important whether they are in person or digital.  Be thoughtful about what your putting out in the world.  So take the time to invest in your craft, meet new friends, and create partnerships.  I was so inspired to Re-Igniate my BLOG and re-connect with the world through writing!!!!!

"We are better together" - Halleemah Nash


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