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Proven Tips to STAY Organized!

We are all busy and life gets overwhelming.

Here are few proven tips to stay organized without getting frazzled!


a) Maintain an Electronic Calendar-I love my Google calendar! It allows me to schedule appointments and special dates in advance. You can even set reoccurring items, doctor appointments, travel plans, and long term plans too. You can color code your appointments and set email/pop-up reminders. Guess what? You can even share this calendar too! This is perfect for families and small businesses.

b) Keep a Planner or Calendar - Write down special dates and events, especially when you have a busy family or business. You can also use this book to keep track of the due dates for your weekly, monthly, and annual bills. This method helps make financial planning more efficient with your events, gifts, and home expenses too.

c) Get a Notebook or Journal - This allows you to keep your notes and ideas in a central location. Write down your to-do list, ideas, and create checklists. Keep your notebook handy because you never know when the inspiration might hit you!

d) Set the Alarm on your Phone - use this tool to keep track of your time and stay on task. Set your alarm to help you get to bed on time, help with meal planning, staying hydrated, or start your workout routines.

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What's your favorite way to stay organized?


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