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Yes We Can!

I attended the 2017 Chicago Women's Conference on Friday, it was great! This year's theme was "WE CAN!" It was good to see a diverse group of women ready to learn, motivate, and teach one another. I attended sessions on personal branding, turning passions into profits, and 8 tools for marketing your business. Personal branding is so important especially when you are launching a new business. We should all be mindful of our digital imprint and online presence. I also heard four ladies talk about starting businesses within industries that they are passionate about. It was so inspiring to hear these women speak about juggling their families, new businesses, and community involvement. Lastly, I learned about 8 tools for marketing your business. Each tool has benefits to your business. We learned about using social media, networking, blogs, articles, direct mail, and speaking engagements.

It was such a great experience! I'm passionate about learning and growing, so that I be a resource to my community!!!

I can't wait to attend more conferences and networking events this year. #empowerment #goaldigger #chicagowomensconference #passionateresources


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