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I was born and raised in Chicago! I come from a family that loves sports, but I grew up as an avid basketball fan! Over the years I started going to baseball games and watching my nephews play for the Little League. Once I realized the Chicago Cubs had a chance at winning it ALL, I instantly became a fan!

The Cubs came back from 3 - 1 deficit in the series, and went on to push it to Game 7. This was not your average Game 7…they ended the 9th inning with a tied score. In addition to a tied score, an extra inning, an 18 minute rain delay...and a new pitcher the Cubs were still hungry for a WIN! The 2016 World Series was so intense and a great display of teamwork. This organization, coaching staff, and baseball team displayed hard work, determination, and drive!

After 108 years, the Chicago Cubs became the 2016 National League Champions. Although they were regarded as the ultimate underdogs around the league, they managed to overcome years of adversity and disappointment. This is confirmation that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE if you work hard and believe! Congratulations to the CHICAGO CUBS!


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