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Motivational Monday - Restart your Fitness Routine

Maintaining your motivation is a very important task. Here are a few tips to get you back on track and making progress in no time!

#1 Schedule your activity time: Check your calendar weekly and determine when you can get to the gym, work with a trainer, or take a class. Make an appointment on your calendar and set a reminder. Treat your exercise or activity like a very important meeting and canceling is not an option!

#2 Pack your gym bag: Make sure you are prepared for your workout session. Your bag should include a workout outfit, socks, gym shoes, toiletries and a towel. Have your gym bag packed and ready to go on Monday morning. At the very least keep a pair of gym shoes at work for a lunch time walk.

#3 Update your playlist: Treat yourself to some new songs! Find upbeat, high energy tracks to motivate you to push harder through your workout. Then find some slow tempo or instrumental songs for your cool down/stretching time. Finally, create a playlist that will play throughout your workout to keep you moving around.

#4 Get a Support System: Find like minded individual(s) who are serious about fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Make a plan to meet and workout, this keeps you both on track and accountable. Join a group online, check in daily and share your progress. Its a great time to get suggestions, positive feedback, and support.

#5 Create a workout plan: Go to the gym with a plan and you will have productive session. You can alternate areas of focus on a daily basis. One day you can work on upper body, lower body, ab work, and cardio. It really helps to have a workout plan so you do not get bored and its keeps your body guessing!

Follow these simple suggestions and you will get back on track!


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