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Curaleaf is on a mission is educate and empower the community!

For many years, marijuana has been a critical driver of mass incarceration across the country for thousands of people. The Black or Latinx community has been impacted the most by marijuana arrests. The tide is slowly turning in the legal system during this drug war that unfairly targets the Black and Brown communities. Legalizing marijuana is an essential step towards ending the war on drugs, which could not come soon enough. If we legalize marijuana, we could expunge the records of wrongfully convicted individuals and start reinvesting in our communities. Several states, including the District of Columbia, allow for recreational and medical use of marijuana among adults. The movement towards the legalization of cannabis is just a reflection of the growing support of the community, which crosses age groups and political lines.

It's strange that a medicinal herb could have so much negativity associated with it. Cannabis has many benefits including weight loss, chronic pain relief, seizure management, and easing symptoms of depression.

The Black and Brown communities have been over-criminalized for years and continue to suffer from the lack of legalization. The rippling effects of arrests and convictions are adverse and indescribable ramifications. Curaleaf Holdings, which is a leading U.S. provider of consumer products in cannabis is doing its part to educate the community. This company is announcing its rebranding efforts as it opens its 10th store in Illinois. Additionally, Curaleaf has contributed $950,000 to impact social equity with six strategic partnerships across the Chicagoland area through its social responsibility program called “Rooted in Good" initiative.” They are undergoing a rebranding initiative which includes obtaining additional retail licenses, new retail locations, greenhouses, dispensaries, and a new logo. The goal of Curaleaf is to create a unique experience that encourages cannabis exploration and education.

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